Friday, October 11, 2019

Problems in business logic Essay

1.When compared to traditional desktop customers, why are mobile phone users much more likely to book a room or airline reservation for the same day? Mobile phone users were able to use an interactive application that allowed them to search by a set of particular items, which at the current time web users did not have that function. It was said that about less than a quarter web users booked a room for the same day while mobile users were more likely to book a room for the same day. 2.In the mobile design project of 2011, why did Orbitz management decide to construct a mobile Web site for corporate users rather than a native app? Orbitz decided that corporate users preferred using a mobile web app rather than a native app because business travelers already were using items such as smart phones, and felt that the mobile web site was more beneficially. 3.What is â€Å"business logic† and why was it important for corporate travelers to have online reservation systems that included business logic? Business logic is the communication step between Orbitz and the customer. It is important to have an online reservation system that included business logic is because a business traveler may need a place to stay quickly, and not know the area, they can make quick reservations from their mobile web app quickly. 4.Why did Orbitz reverse policy in 2012 and build native apps for each mobile platform (iOs and Android) instead of single mobile Web site? This change took place because Orbitz wanted customers to be able to enter their information all in one place without repetition. Customers would be able to compare prices, distances from their chosen activities and destinations and good deals. This redesign allows for fewer disruptions and site redirects. This allow shows that it increased the speed in which users were able to book hotels, flights and cars. Work Cited: Laudon, Kenneth C.. & Carol Guercio Traver. E-commerce: Business, Technology, Society. 10th ed. N.p. Print

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